Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mini Nugget: Midnight Snack

I usually wait until something of substance comes along, so I can post something more, uh, substantial (is it the teacher in me, that compels me to write essays?), but this is a breaking newsflash: new favorite midnight snack. This is major, people! I keep pretty nocturnal hours, so I find it necessary to refuel around 12:00 to 1 AM, usually by melting down a bunch of chocolate chips and eating them with a spoon. This works 97% of the time. But sometimes I want a salty snack, ya know?

So tonight I seized upon the french loaf on the counter (Hy-Vee bakery, 2 for $1.99, what what!), sliced off some hunks, and drizzled them with olive oil. I popped them under the broiler on low, fully preparing to later top them with whatever fun ingredients (like cheeeese) I could find in the fridge. But oh, the smell from the oven-- how can just bread and oil smell so heavenly? I love dipping crusty bread in oil/vinegar, but something about the toasting process brings them to another level. A toasty level. Of goodness. So I ditched the toppings and sprinkled on a little salt--and THAT'S IT--simple and divine. I ate 97% of the loaf.

Try it, tonight! Or if you sleep in the night time, like a normal human, then tomorrow.

Tastefully Yours,

Olive Oyl

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